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Rabbi Daniel Lapin, known world-wide as America’s Rabbi, is a noted rabbinic scholar, best-selling author, and host of the Rabbi Daniel Lapin Show on San Francisco’s KSFO. He is one of America’s most eloquent speakers, and his ability to extract life principles from the Bible and transmit them in an entertaining manner has brought countless numbers of Jews and Christians closer to their respective faiths. In 2007, Newsweek magazine included him in its list of America’s fifty most influential rabbis.Before immigrating to the United States in 1973, Rabbi Daniel Lapin studied Torah, physics, economics, and mathematics in Johannesburg, London, and Jerusalem.  This seemingly unlikely combination forms the bedrock of his conviction that no conflict exists between the physical and spiritual, virtue and strength, or faith and wealth.  He quickly became persuaded that God continues to smile on the United States of America and he became a naturalized citizen on what he describes as the proudest day of his life.

Rabbi Daniel Lapin was the founding rabbi of Pacific Jewish Center, a now legendary Orthodox synagogue in Venice, California.  He implanted the community’s mission of demonstrating the relevance of traditional faith to modern life. President George W. Bush appointed him to serve two terms on a United States Commission.

Rabbi Lapin is a frequent speaker for hundreds of groups, institutions, organizations, and companies including Family Research Council, Legatus, Crystal Cathedral, Harvard Law School, Heritage Foundation, the United States Army, the Mont Pelerin Society of Economists, Prudential Insurance Company, the 1996 Republican National Convention, Voices United for Israel, Yeshiva University, and Young President’s Organization.  Rabbi Lapin was the keynote speaker at the congressional bipartisan opening of the 106th Congress in Washington, DC.  He speaks regularly at universities, businesses, synagogues, and churches throughout the country.  He regularly appears on both national and local radio and television shows.Rabbi Lapin is a noted writer.  His articles have appeared in the Wall Street Journal, National Review, Commentary, The Jewish Press, The American Enterprise, The Washington Times, Crisis, and other publications.  His first book, America’s Real War was a national best seller and his second book Buried Treasure; the Secrets for Living from the Lord’s Language, was published in 2001.  His third book Thou Shall Prosper: The Ten Commandments for Making Money published by John Wiley in 2002, continues selling well in America and has also been translated into Chinese and Korean. His latest project is the production of audio CDs that present thousands of years of Jewish wisdom emanating from the Bible, in ways that impact and improve modern day life.

An enthusiastic boater who has sailed his family across the Pacific, Lapin lives with his wife, Susan, who home-schooled their seven children on Mercer Island, Washington.
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