Chloe Cole

My name is Chloe Cole (@ChoooCole on Twitter) and I am an 18-year-old former transidentified teen. I am, and always have been female.

I started identifying as male and socially transitioning at 12, and I began taking hormone blockers and testosterone at 13. I had a double mastectomy at 15.

I detransitioned at 16 years old and I have since realized that my desire to transition was fueled by trauma and comorbid conditions (including autism), severe body image issues, and fear of growing into a woman.

At the tender age I was, and with the skewed information I was given online and by the medical establishment, I couldn’t fathom that my gender dysphoria and other psychiatric issues were linked and was led to believe that my dysphoria was a completely standalone condition.

With the experience and knowledge I have now, I do not believe that pediatricians, gender specialists, surgeons, and their associations should be able to give “Gender Affirming” treatment to minors and young adults.

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