Barry Goldwater Jr

Barry Goldwater Jr. is a keen observer and participant in today’s troubled and challenging time. As a proven leader, his interpretation is an important addition to the ongoing discussion.

Goldwater is a former U.S. Congressman (1969-1984) from California. He served at the same time in Congress with his father, Senator Barry Goldwater (R-AZ). Barry graduated from Arizona State University. He worked as a stockbroker and then a partner in the securities firm of Noble Cook, Inc., now Wedbush Securities in Los Angeles before being elected to Congress in 1969. In the U.S. Congress, Goldwater served on the Committee on Public Works, the Committee on Science and Technology and the Joint Committee on Energy.

In 1984, Goldwater retired from politics and currently is in private business as president of Goldwater*Taplin Group representing clients across all insurance industry segments.

Goldwater is a frequent guest on cable news and stays involved in public and government affairs.

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Current Events, Economics, Free Speech, Law / Constitution, Western Civilization


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