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AWR Hawkins joined Breitbart mid-2010 as he was pivoting from a college-teaching career. The culture in academia had become stifling for a Constitutionalist with the growing divide and “othering” of conservatives on campus. “Fellow professors worried about even talking to me,” he says, “afraid it would hurt their careers.”

Hawkins is one of the preeminent 2nd amendment journalists having racked up a series of high profile awards in the space. The Second Amendment Foundation named him Journalist of the Year 2015; Gun Rights Defender of the Year 2016; and Journalist of the Year 2017. He was named 2019 Journalist of the Year at the 34th Annual Gun Rights Policy Conference, and Gun Rights Defender of the Year at its 2020 conference.

At Breitbart News, he has covered a variety of gun-related issues, including the Sandy Hook Elementary School shooting and the ensuing years’ long efforts by Democrats to leverage the tragedy for gun control. Hawkins also produces a weekly Breitbart newsletter, “Downrange with AWR Hawkins.”

If one were to accompany Hawkins to any major event such as the NRA or Shot Show, it would become clear that he has achieved a sort of rock star status among gun enthusiasts.



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