The National Conservative Student Conference

August 2 to 7, 2021


  • We have a fantastic program planned for you! In addition to hearing from a great line-up of speakers, you will also make new friends from across the country! For this program to be a success and a wonderful experience for all involved, we count on cooperation among our students, our staff, and speakers.

    At Young America's Foundation's programs, I understand that:
    • I am attending this program to learn, make new friends, and have fun! Because generous Foundation supporters have made it possible for me to attend this program, I recognize that I am required to attend all sessions and events.
    • The schedule was created so that I get the maximum amount of information during my stay. I further realize that it is solely MY responsibility to get up on time in the morning, and get where I need to be on time. Delaying my fellow students is unacceptable. When I need to be somewhere at a specific time, I will be there or risk being left behind.
    • The Young America’s Foundation staff wants me to enjoy myself at this program, but should I engage in excessive or underage drinking, possess or distribute alcoholic beverages or drugs illegally, they reserve the right to send me home immediately, and I will be responsible for any additional costs this may incur.
    • I am excited about the opportunity to learn more about conservative ideas. I am not here under any false pretense. I will not disrupt or undermine the event by my actions.
    • I agree to obey all rules listed above and those of the program venue, including the maintenance of a reasonable noise level while in my room. I understand that Young America’s Foundation may send me home, at my own expense and bar me from attending future programs, if I violate any of these policies.