Young America’s Foundation is so excited to welcome more than 500 participants to the 43rd annual National Conservative Student Conference in Houston, Texas!

Can’t be there in person? Below you’ll find a schedule of speakers and links to livestream the events.

We’re also thrilled to announce that you will be able to watch the conference live on Fox Nation!

Monday, August 2

7:00 p.m. CT: Ben Shapiro
Editor Emeritus and Founder, Daily Wire

Tuesday, August 3

7:30 a.m. CT: Congressman Kevin Brady
U.S. Representative, Texas 8

10:00 a.m. CT: Andy Puzder
Chief Executive Officer, CKE Restaurants, 2000 – 2017

11:00 a.m. CT: Antonia Okafor Cover

1:00 p.m. CT: Dr. Burt Folsom
Distinguished Fellow, Hillsdale College

2:00 p.m. CT: Declan Ganley
Founder, Chairman, and CEO, Rivada Networks

3:00 p.m. CT: Zuby
Rapper, Author, Host of Real Talk with Zuby

Wednesday, August 4

9:00 a.m. CT: Dr. Burt Folsom
Distinguished Fellow, Hillsdale College

10:00 a.m. CT: Shelley Luther
Founder, Courage to Stand

11:00 a.m. CT: Attorney General Ken Paxton
51st Attorney General of Texas

1:00 p.m. CT: Congressman Byron Donalds
U.S. Representative, Florida 19

2:00 p.m. CT: Dr. James Lindsay
Founder, New Discourses

3:15 p.m. CT: Stephen Miller
Senior Advisor for Policy and White House Director of Speechwriting for President Donald Trump

7:00 p.m. CT: Vice President Mike Pence
48th Vice President of the United States

Thursday, August 5

9:00 a.m. CT: Congressman Chip Roy
U.S. Representative, Texas 21

10:00 a.m. CT: Mark Meckler

President, Convention of States Action

Co-Founder, Tea Party Patriots

11:00 a.m. CT: Governor Scott Walker
President, Young America’s Foundation

1:45 p.m. CT: Dr. Ryan Anderson
Author and President of the Ethics and Public Policy Center

3:00 p.m. CT: Lila Rose
President, Live Action

7:00 p.m. CT: Congresswoman Kat Cammack
U.S. Representative, Florida 3

Friday, August 6

9:00 a.m. CT: Lt. Col. Allen West
U.S. Congressman, 2011-2013

10:00 a.m. CT: Ambassador Robert O’Brien
28th United States National Security Advisor

11:00 a.m. CT: Marc Short
Chief of Staff to Vice President Mike Pence 2019-2021
Director of Legislative Affairs to President Trump 2017-2018

1:00 p.m. CT: Congressman Louie Gohmert
U.S. Representative, Texas 1

2:00 p.m. CT: Alex Epstein
President and Founder, Center for Industrial Progress

3:00 p.m. CT: Congressman Dan Crenshaw
U.S. Representative, Texas 2

7:00 p.m. CT: Senator Ted Cruz
United States Senator, Texas

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