Vinciane with Marc ThiessenThroughout my life, I have been extremely grateful to have been instilled the importance of a well-rounded education, self-reliance and should I establish a credible reputation, always remember your humble upbringings. My parents are two of the most hard-working individuals I know, and when I was three years old, left behind their endowed lives in Cameroon, Africa to immigrate to this equally fantastic country I have called home for 18 years. While my parents did not adhere towards a particular ideology upon moving here, they always encouraged my siblings and me to educate ourselves on the different policy issues and leaders that constitute our United States government. Consequently, as I grew up reading the works of our Founding Fathers, I slowly transitioned into developing a conservative ideology and from there, knew I wanted to be an activist and spokesperson for conservative principles.

When I arrived at Truman State University, I was determined to spread the conservative message any way I could. I have enjoyed my time at the University, and I have received a fine education from several of my professors. However, I knew conservative students were disconnected from the general student body. I wanted to somehow develop an outreach mission to use the conservative message to develop a respectable reputation for myself and my fellow activists. I became involved with Truman State Leadership Forum, a conservative organization dedicated to promoting conservative principles on campus through campus lectures and activism initiatives. Young America’s Foundation has been an extremely instrumental ally in spreading this message. Through the Foundation, I have been able to host Bay Buchanan, Star Parker, and participate in the 9/11 Never Forget Project. Furthermore, my conservative organization was able to celebrate the great President Ronald Reagan’s 100th birthday. In between these initiatives, I have been able to provide conservative students with literature, films, posters and supplementary material to advance our mission.

Vinciane at CPACOutside of my campus, I have attended several Foundation conferences and seminars, my favorite being Mastering Conservative Rhetoric Seminar. My attendance at the conference challenged me to furthermore develop and hone my conservative message while introducing me to top conservative writers such as Board Member Wynton Hall and former speechwriter to President George W. Bush Marc Thiessen. I loved communicating with fellow activists whose missions are similar to mine and enjoy being a part of restoring freedom to this nation. As a participant of the 2010 West Coast Leadership Conference in Santa Barbara, CA, I was given an opportunity to comment on the conference on the popular Fox News program, “Fox & Friends.” The Foundation also graciously funded my 2011 CPAC experience, and I was asked to speak on the “Two-Minute Student Activist” panel. This summer, I begin my tenure as a Sarah T. Hermann Intern Scholar at the Foundation, a dream that has now become a reality.

To say that my experience working with the Young America’s Foundation is extraordinary is an understatement. I value the reputation I have developed on my campus and I certainly enjoy being surrounded by a diverse student body. However, attending Foundation events and speaking on behalf of the Foundation has been a remarkable experience and as I look toward to my post-graduate activist years, I know I will be even more involved with Young America’s Foundation.


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