Danny DiazMy name is Daniel Paul Diaz and I am extremely excited that I am the Executive Director of Young Americans for Freedom which is now a project of Young America’s Foundation. I am a first generation Cuban-American who was born and raised in South Florida. When it comes down to explaining my worldview and ideology, I am first and foremost a Christian and then I am a conservative.

In recent days I have been asked, “How did you get involved in the Conservative Movement?”

To explain how I got involved, I need to first explain why. As I mentioned before I am a first generation Cuban-American. My family lived in a nation that was just as prosperous and free as the United States of America; as a matter of fact the Cuban Peso was stronger than the US Dollar shortly before the communist revolution in Cuba. They owned property and businesses; they voted in free democratic elections, they were able to buy anything in abundance.  Then one day a “savior” named Fidel Castro came in the name of freedom, change and democracy. He promised the people healthcare, homes, jobs, and to save the people from tyranny. Though this “savior” promised all these things, he and his “freedom fighters” were killing thousands of their own people.

Fidel Castro took over in 1959 and after seven years of government control and expansion into every aspect of one’s private life; my grandfather, Angel Orlando Suarez, decided to make the life changing move from Cuba to the United States of America with his wife and two daughters. When they arrived at the Habana airport, military personnel made my family take all of their belongings and hand it over to the government. The rational was that if the people were leaving the country, then government would not allow any of its property to leave with them, except for literally the clothes on their backs.

When my family came to this country, they literally had nothing. The opportunities this country had to offer allowed my grandfather, through hard work and determination, to go from being a political refugee that had nothing, to a successful business man who was able to retire early and provide for his family. He sold his very successful construction business back in the 1980’s and invested it wisely, which allowed him to leave a small fortune to his family after his passing.

I promised myself that I would not allow what happened to my parent’s country of Cuba, to happen in this great and amazing nation, the United States of America.

I joined Young Americans for Freedom to ensure that the ideas of freedom and conservatism are taught to my generation and all the generations to come, and to teach them to identify the dangers of unchecked government expansion.

The unification of Young Americans for Freedom and Young America’s Foundation is a significant event in the history of the Conservative Movement.  Young Americans for Freedom will be the tip of the spear by infiltrating the last bastion of communism, American universities. Young America’s Foundation will be the hammer when they bring in some of the most influential conservative speakers to spread the ideologies of freedom and liberty.

I cannot be more excited and proud of my involvement with the new unified YAF organization. I foresee a future where liberals will no longer dominate American universities, because YAF will be there to meet them head on anytime they try to indoctrinate future generations of students.


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