In a letter sent to Secretary Betsy DeVos, Young America’s Foundation, together with its students and allies, declared their support for the U.S. Department of Education’s recent actions to roll back harmful Obama-era regulations.

“During the Obama Administration, regulations and ‘guidance’ letters that restrict freedom of speech and due process on college campuses were too often the norm,” states the letter signed by more than 60 leaders in the Conservative Movement and from campuses around the country.

“We support your appointment of Candice Jackson to the Office of Civil Rights,” the letter continues. “Her recent statement that she and the department were ‘committed to discontinuing the legally dubious practice of issuing subregulatory guidance that is then treated through enforcement as binding mandates’ is exactly what is needed.”

We urge Secretary DeVos to continue supporting Candice Jackson’s efforts. We also urge Secretary DeVos to withdraw the ‘Dear Colleague’ letter of April 2011 that has led to concerns about students’ due process and freedom of speech in sexual harassment allegations.

Candice Jackson rightly understands the need for a more balanced approach that protects all parties.

Young America’s Foundation thanks Secretary DeVos for bringing a new approach to the U.S. Department of Education.

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