On September 11, 1960, William F. Buckley Jr. and a group of young conservatives drafted the Sharon Statement and launched Young Americans for Freedom, the organization that would build the modern Conservative Movement. Now, just days before celebrating its 60th anniversary, Young Americans for Freedom is making membership in its ranks available to more young people than ever before.

Starting today, any full-time student over the age of 13—whether in middle school, high school, or college—can become a card-carrying member of YAF whether on campus or at home. This opportunity is for those who have been part of a Young Americans for Freedom chapter for years, are just getting involved in a chapter for the first time this fall, or are completely new to the Conservative Movement.

In addition to the resources available to existing members nationwide, students who join YAF’s new and expanded individual membership program will receive patriotic swag packs, a personalized membership card, conservative books, opportunities to attend member-only events, and early access to YAF’s lifechanging student programs.

“This new endeavor will allow YAF to reach greater numbers of young conservatives and inspire them to get involved during this critical time in American history,” said Young Americans for Freedom Executive Director Kyle Ferrebee. “We expect many more young leaders to emerge through this program, and more chapters to form on campuses nationwide.”

President Reagan—who served as honorary national chairman of the YAF National Advisory Board for more than four decades—once remarked that “America is better off with leadership that reflects the philosophy, the principles, and the aspirations of Young Americans for Freedom.” The current sorry state of America’s education system and the threats posed by leftists to the free and open exchange of ideas mean Reagan’s words still ring true—today’s trying times demand bold, principled, and tireless defenders of freedom, a challenge Young Americans for Freedom is again rising to meet.

“Perhaps there is no other place where freedom is more under attack than in our schools—they tell you that America is not great, that history is no guide, and that a bureaucratic elite can better solve problems than a free and virtuous people can,” noted Young Americans for Freedom National Chairman Grant Strobl. “After building the Conservative Movement over the last six decades, Young Americans for Freedom continues to be the leader in resisting the radical Left in our nation’s schools. There is no better way to inspire your peers with conservative ideas than by becoming a member of YAF where we arm you with the resources, ideas, and confidence you need to influence your school and your community.”

“YAF has been called a ‘Reaganite bunch’ by the New York Post and a ‘key pillar of the conservative movement’ by POLITICO because America knows that YAF activists never back down when freedom is on the line,” added Young America’s Foundation Spokesman Spencer Brown. “Throughout its six-decade history and since merging with Young America’s Foundation in 2011, Young Americans for Freedom has fought for and secured students’ rights, built the modern Conservative Movement, and produced some of America’s greatest leaders. We at YAF are excited to open this new frontier by giving more students the resources and backing necessary to carry the torch of freedom forward for the next generation.”

Click here to sign up for an individual Young Americans for Freedom membership and learn more.

For additional information or to request an interview contact YAF Spokesman Spencer Brown via sbrown@yaf.org or 800-872-1776.