GW protest of ObamaBy Joy Welborn, Director of Media, GW Young America’s Foundation.

Students at George Washington University gathered outside the Marvin Student Center on October 12, hoping to catch a glimpse of President Obama’s motorcade as he arrived to speak at the “Moving America Forward” town hall meeting. Spontaneous applause broke out when the rumbling of vehicles was heard. “Obama” chants drifted around, caught up in a general aura of excitement. The George Washington University chapter of Young America’s Foundation were the only protestors present.

At first glance, hosting Obama on George Washington University’s campus simply appeared inconvenient. The student center closed early, and certain dorms were inaccessible for hours. Because of street closures, students racing to class had to take a longer route. Security details swarmed the campus.

Despite the inconvenience, many GW students raved about the president’s appearance. Many young liberals, stuck in the bubble of indoctrination that permeates academia and completely oblivious that 73% of Americans do not “strongly approve” of Obama’s performance, never considered the lack of intellectual diversity the event displayed. Yet the town hall highlighted both a particular trend of intolerance among liberals and the left-wing bias pervading college campuses.

GW officials hand-picked 20 students to participate in the 200-person town hall meeting. The questions were carefully controlled, allowing Obama to give his prepared, sound-bite answers. Many of the questions fielded by the president were so pitifully easy, it was difficult not to cringe.

“Can we inform people the campaign slogan was ‘Yes, we can,’ not ‘Yes, we can in 21 months? It took 8 years to get us into this mess,” one questioner tweeted (tweeting questions is part of the administration’s attempt to appear “hip”).

The lack of intellectual diversity displayed, both in the audience members and the questions they asked, underscores a continuing and disturbing trend at GW. While claiming to be tolerant and diverse, GW is only comfortable with supporting views expressed by far-left wing activists. At the same time, they ignore conservatives’ opinions.

What is even more disturbing is President Obama’s town hall meeting was it sponsored by Organizing for America, a project of the Democratic National Committee. In essence, GW allowed the DNC to produce a rally to garner more support for the Obama administration among young people.

During the Bush Presidency, GW did not sponsor a single official from that administration. Yet, since Obama’s election, many in his administration have spoken on campus, including: Rahm Emanuel, Hillary Clinton, Michelle Obama, and David Plouffe.

By sponsoring the “Moving America Forward” event, GW used students’ tuition money to shamelessly support leftist leaders and their agenda. That is not fair or unbiased, it is blatant discrimination. How does that fit in with the inherent goal of GW to be open-minded?

GW students not only suffered an inconvenience produced by a desperate attempt to motivate left-wing activists on Tuesday, they also got to experience legal discrimination — that is, discrimination against conservatives. Until George Washington University offers a more balanced program of events, students are not being taught to think, they are being brainwashed. And that is something every student should be protesting.


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