Following serial-loser Hillary Clinton’s commencement address at Hunter College this week, Young America’s Foundation Spokesman Spencer Brown joined Tucker Carlson on Fox News to respond:

“This final lesson to the graduating class should be inspirational, sending them off with a good word, some advice for how to build a good life. Instead, we see in this case, once again Hillary Clinton being invited. There’s really nothing inspirational she can say so I don’t know why a school would invite her when she spent the last two and a half years trying to convince herself as much as anyone else why she’s not President,” Brown noted. “The first thing she did was make a joke about ‘Madam President,’ which is just old at this point. We get it, you’re not the president, you’re upset about it, you don’t need to keep pointing that out and especially not to a room of people you’re supposed to be inspiring with ideas about the future.”

For decades, Young America’s Foundation has tracked who universities invite to give commencement addresses and, as demonstrated by Clinton’s latest speech, washed up leftists dominate the commencement circuit. Hillary Clinton’s backward-looking address is just one example of the scores of leftists who are chosen to give one final lesson to students. All too often, these speeches are anything but aspirational as liberal commencement speakers recite the same tired leftist talking points about the ‘intersectional matrix of oppression’ students have been taught to believe.