This summer, the National Journalism Center will continue its mission to educate inspiring journalists with a record-tying (2009) 41 students—the highest number of students in a session since the program began in 1977.

Each year, NJC works hard recruiting students from across the country to come to DC for hands-on internships and training sessions that focus on the importance of responsible, accurate, and balanced reporting in today’s media. The structure of the program allows students to put into practice what they have learned during weekly classroom sessions.

The summer class of 2018 hails from 32 unique states, and most are involved with their college newspaper or TV station. Some are already familiar with the work of Young America’s Foundation, coming to us through Young Americans for Freedom chapters, campus lectures and activism, or student conferences.

The competition for NJC’s program is growing, demonstrated by the experience levels of the incoming class. Almost every student who applied had journalism experience in some capacity, including writing, editing, researching, or digital work done for another internship, media class, or job.

Students will be placed across the DC metro area at a variety of leading media outlets across television, radio, and print. Last summer’s NJC class was published more than 840 times, showcasing the quality of NJC’s students as well as the incredible opportunities that come from participating in the National Journalism Center’s program.

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