On Thursday, November 30, the National Journalism Center (NJC)—a project of Young America’s Foundation—will mark 40 years of success as the leading program training and educating young, conservative journalists.

NJC will host a reception to celebrate the impact NJC has made on the nation’s media landscape at the National Press Club in Washington, D.C. NJC alumnus and Fox News host Greg Gutfeld will address his fellow alumni, friends, and supporters of NJC.

Since 1977, the National Journalism Center has trained more than 2,250 young aspiring journalists. NJC continues to equip the next generation of journalists, writers, and public relations professionals with on-the-job experience, seminars from industry leaders, and intensive multimedia and investigative reporting training.

Today, NJC alumni fill newsrooms, run communications shops at non-profit organizations, direct press operations for members of congress, and occupy anchor desks across the country. Key alumni over the past four decades include Malcolm Gladwell, Sarah Westwood, William McGurn, Tim Carney, Katie Watson, Gabriella Morrongiello, John Fund, John Hood, and Jason Mattera, among many others.

“After 40 years of training America’s best young journalists, NJC can proudly point to its alumni at the highest levels of national print and digital media. But it is still thrilling to see the NJC’s most recent products get their first byline or newscast.” – T. Kenneth Cribb, Chairman of the National Journalism Center Board of Governors.

“I have been involved with NJC for eight years and am still blown away at the high caliber of student journalists and deep policy thinkers who go through the program.  This is evident by our strong alumni network. We have graduates working for a wide variety of publications and outlets including CBS News, Fox News, CNN, Associated PressTownhallWashington ExaminerDaily Caller, and Defense News Weekly just to name a few.” – Elizabeth Donatelli, Director of the National Journalism Center

“The National Journalism Center is essential to balance the national discussion. We train responsible journalists to counter liberal bias in the media.” –Ron Robinson, President of Young America’s Foundation

After becoming a project of Young America’s Foundation (YAF) in 2001, NJC has continued to grow. In this past summer’s session, 37 interns were placed at 25 outlets including the Washington Times, Washington Examiner, USA Today, Weekly Standard, Voice of America, One America News Network, WMAL, Radio America, Daily Caller, and many others. At these outlets, the class of 2017 turned out more than 850 articles, podcasts, and broadcasts.

NJC interns and alumni are impacting the national conversation and are taking their truth-seeking skills to publications across the country.

*Please note that the NJC’s 40th Anniversary Reception is off the record.