Young America’s Foundation’s campus lecture featuring former U.S. Attorney General Jeff Sessions at the University of Illinois-Champaign was a resounding success, despite the student government’s attempts to block the event and threats of protest.

“They might not like freedom of speech, but we’re here,” Sessions told the crowd.

A lackluster group of protesters staged a walkout during the speech, then resigned to the hallway where they attempted to disrupt the event by yelling. Both Sessions and the audience remained undeterred by the nuisance and were able to enjoy and learn from the program.

YAF reported that the UofI College Republicans hosted Sessions on February 1, even after the Illinois Student Government (ISG) officially condemned both Sessions and the CRs.

The small group of protesters was drowned out by the large group of students who were eager to hear from the former U.S. Attorney General. It was clear the naysayers were ill-prepared, as a copy of their chant sheet was obtained by YAF.

One chant read “Jeff Sessions you’re no good, get out of our neighborhood.”

When members of the ISG asked the Illini CRs to move off-campus or postpone their event, they stood their ground. ISG was not happy. In a meeting ahead of the event, they passed a resolution to officially condemn Sessions and the CRs.

As ridiculous as the condemnation is, it did not stop the determined conservative students from putting on their event, as planned. Sessions delivered remarks to a packed house and even spoke over time to the engaged crowd.

YAF footage showed protestors lining a hallway and chanting outside the event with cardboard signs.

This successful event should serve as an example to every YAF activist. No matter what, leftists on campus are going to pull out all the stops to shut conservatives up and shut your event down. They’ll justify it any way they know how. It’s important that students rise above it. Never bend the knee to the woke mob.