As the spring semester starts to wrap up, conservative students are busier than ever on campuses. Yes, it’s true! In just one week YAF sponsored more than 20 breakthrough campus lectures.

April 9: Burt Folsom at College of the Ozarks
April 9: John Ashcroft at American University
April 9: Bay Buchanan at University of Alabama-Huntsville
April 10: Steve Forbes at College of the Ozarks
April 10: Ben Shapiro at Pepperdine University
April 10: Rick Santorum at Concordia College
April 10: Kristan Hawkins at California State University, Los Angeles
April 10: Katie Pavlich at Hobart and William Smith Colleges
April 10: Deroy Murdock at The George Washington University
April 10: Allen West at Clemson University
April 11: Jonah Goldberg at Denison University
April 11: John Stossel at University of Pittsburgh
April 11: Nonie Darwish at Mount Holyoke College
April 11: Dinesh D’Souza at Stony Brook University
April 11: Christina Hoff Sommers at University of Michigan
April 12: Rick Santorum at University of California, Berkeley
April 12: Jesse Watters at Ithaca College
April 12: Carly Fiorina at University of Wisconsin – Milwaukee
April 12: Dinesh D’Souza at University of Florida
April 12: Bay Buchanan at Stetson University
April 12: Everett Piper at Hillsdale College

Our student activists made waves across the country: From New York to California; from Florida to Wisconsin; from conservative schools such as Hillsdale and College of the Ozarks to hotbeds of liberalism including the University of California, Berkeley.

Campuses nationwide saw conservative speakers, including Ben Shapiro, Senator Rick SantorumChristina Hoff SommersDinesh D’Souza, Lt. Col.Allen West, and Steve Forbes reach capacity audiences.

These were just a few of the positive responses we received from students and speakers:

“The event last night was great! Katie is awesome.”

“I’m writing you to report that our event was an ASTOUNDING success.”

“These YAF students fill me with hope!”

“We had a packed room, and we had a majority of the questions from liberal students.”

“I’m so pleased we were able to partner and have these very important discussions on our college campus.”

“We are on Cloud 9 at Concordia this morning. It was a SUPERB event last night.”

“I have heard such positive feedback, and ultimately think this event has changed many perspectives already.”

“The interest in hearing a conservative voice was so large that we reached maximum capacity within 20 minutes after doors opened to the public!”

We still have a couple more weeks to go in our ongoing #onlyatYAF effort to offer more than 1,000,000 students an opportunity to hear conservative ideas in April.

Coming up this month, we still have:

April 16: Deroy Murdock at University of Louisville
April 16: Andrew Klavan at Grand Canyon University
April 17: Christina Hoff Sommers at Brandeis University
April 17: Bay Buchanan at California State University, Los Angeles
April 17: Katie Pavlich at Ohio State University
April 17: Dr. Art Laffer at University of Notre Dame
April 17: Sean Spicer vs Howard Dean at Penn State University
April 18: Christina Hoff Sommers at Suffolk University
April 18: Andrew Klavan at University of Texas – Austin
April 23: Dinesh D’Souza at University of Minnesota – Morris
April 23: David Horowitz at Lock Haven University
April 23: Dr. Burt Folsom at Davidson College
April 25: Dennis Prager at University of Wisconsin – Madison
April 25: Ben Shapiro at Liberty University
April 25: Star Parker at State University of New York – Oswego
April 30: Dinesh D’Souza at Texas State University


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