Leading Young Americans for Freedom activist Mark Kahanding recently documented his conversion from communism to conservatism in an interview with The College Fix.

1300_144858089234831_8645107311554799161_nKahanding explained his childhood infatuation with the philosophies of Mao Zedong, noting that his worldview shifted as soon as he picked up a copy of YAF speaker Ben Shapiro’s book Bullies.

The College Fix charted his journey from the moment Mark finished Shapiro’s book to his membership in YAF:

With his faith in Maoism severely shaken, he was now open to considering the perspectives of other conservatives. Unwilling to put up with any more oppression, Kahanding slowly began to embrace the notions of personal freedom and liberty espoused through conservatism, ideals his parents believe in.

“I discarded my feelings and embraced facts,” he said.

Today, Kahanding has abandoned his fight for perceived equality and instead fights against political correctness as a member of Young Americans for Freedom.

As founding chairman of the hugely successful Young Americans for Freedom chapter at California State University- Los Angeles, Mark coordinated Ben Shapiro’s headline-making lecture on campus. #OnlyAtYAF do you get the opportunity to fight for freedom right alongside your heroes, just like Mark and Ben.