Wheaton YAFer Justus Hanson will recap his time at Young America’s Foundation’s National Conservative Student Conference each day of the event. Here’s his recap of Tuesday, July 26!


Justus16This year will be my second time attending the National Conservative Student Conference in Washington D.C. Attending this conference last summer encouraged me so much to go out and fight for conservative ideals on my campus this past academic year. It gave me the tools I needed to help start the Wheaton College Young Americans for Freedom Chapter as well as to articulate my opinions in classroom debates with my socialist classmates. Having the chance to come to D.C. once again is incredible. It is amazing to see so many of my YAF friends again as well as the great opportunity to meet new like minded individuals from all over the country.

The speakers so far have been phenomenal. At no other event or conference would a sophomore in college like myself have the opportunity to hear from such top level conservative activists who most people my age would just see on TV while sitting on their couch. There is great diversity in the types of speakers that YAF brings in. Today we had everyone from a Dr. Robbie George, a professor at Princeton University to Senator Rick Santorum who discussed topics ranging from traditional marriage to books that every conservative should read.

My favorite speaker from today, as well as the favorite of many other attendees, was Lt. Col. Allen West. His ability to have the perfect words and explanations to help us understand what seem like complex problems is incredible. As an Army ROTC Cadet myself, his speech was very special to me as he also commissioned as an officer through the same program. After his amazing speech I had the chance to take a picture with him and I share that I was in Army ROTC. He wrote me a personal note encouraging me in my army career. Only at a YAF conference can you get a personal handwritten note from Lt. Col. Allen West.