By: Connor Brinton

Day four of the National Conservative Student Conference was another example of why Young America’s Foundation is the premier student conservative organization. Students heard from some of the premier voices, policymakers, and intellectual forces behind the modern-day conservative movement. In one day, students heard from Dr. Burt Folsom, Senator Tom Cotton, Former CEO Andy Puzder, Senator Ted Cruz, Activist Lila Rose, Senator Rick Scott, and the astonishing Dana Loesch.

Starting in the morning, students heard from Andy Puzder, who dismantled the ideology of socialism with a bevy of facts about the immense good that capitalism has done for not only American society but the world at large. By showcasing the immense strides that society has made since the founding of America and how our unique and unregulated marketplace led to its dominance on the global stage.

Senator Ted Cruz took the stage at the 41st national conservative student conference. Immediately, it was clear that he felt at home talking to the many students that were present at the conference. In one of the most dynamic presentations of a stellar conference, Senator Cruz addressed everything from political correctness, to how conservatives should embrace comedy to take on the left. In this hilarious and captivating address to students, Senator Cruz showcased his funny side, and many students got to meet him after his address, meetings that never would have taken place without YAF.

Dana Loesch was the final speech of the day for students. Her fiery address covered many topics, from guns and feminism, to how the left’s devotion to identity politics has devalued the worth human beings to mere social issues. Dana showcased her unique talent for exposing the false morality behind the lefts outrage on issues.

Day four of the National Conservative Student Conference presented a lot of great information and resources for students who were able to attend. As the conference approaches its final day, a quick look back shows a week that will prepare many of these future leaders with the tools to go back to their schools and help better present their conservative ideas.

Connor Brinton is the founder and former chairman of Grand Canyon University Young Americans for Freedom.