These kids spent their weekend with YAF, training to preserve our great country for generations to come.


On October 7-8, young conservatives from across the country gathered in Georgia for Young America’s Foundation’s Atlanta Activism Training Seminar.

Per YAF tradition, attendees received training from the best in the business, including former GW YAF leader and New York Times bestselling author Peter Schweizer, celebrity ghostwriter Wynton Hall, YAF VP Patrick Coyle, Foundation for Economic Education President Larry Reed, YAF staff members Lauren McCue and Emily Jashinsky, and Young Americans for Freedom Chairman Grant Strobl.






Students learned how to promote their ideas behind enemy lines, fight back against intolerant campus leftists, and share their stories with their communities.

After the seminar’s conclusion, Wingate Young Americans for Freedom tweeted, “Another #YAFcon down. We’re ready to put what we learned to work!”

Not every student takes time out of their busy weekend schedule to learn about how to preserve our great nation, but YAF activists do. They are tireless, bold, and prepared to work harder than ever to promote our values.

America’s future is bright.