Young America’s Foundation has won a significant victory against leftist administrators who seek to stifle the First Amendment Rights of conservatives on campuses in its recently concluded action against the defendants at California State University-Los Angeles.

The administrators responsible for imposing unconstitutional speaker fees and inciting near-riots against the CSULA Young Americans for Freedom chapter and Ben Shapiro have agreed to suspend their anti-free speech practices and activities in respect to the Young Americans for Freedom students and their campus events.

Per the agreement, the University “will not impose any fees, including security fees, based upon the viewpoint of the speech” of any future event; “will not unilaterally refuse to schedule or cancel any scheduled event based upon the viewpoint of the speech that is to take place” at any future event; and “will enforce terms of its Administrative Policy on Time, Place, and Manner of Free Expression P007 in a viewpoint-neutral manner.”

This resolution of the Foundation’s lawsuit against the CSULA administrator defendants (William Covino, Nancy Wada-McKee, Lisa Chavez, and John Ortiz), and faculty defendants (Melina Abdullah, Luz Borjon, Robert Weide, Talia Mae Bettcher, and Steve Teixeira) proves the necessity of bold student activism exhibited by the CSULA Young Americans for Freedom, fearless conservative leaders to visit our nation’s embattled campuses such as Ben Shapiro, and the will to hold offending schools accountable exhibited by Young America’s Foundation.

“This case’s resolution is an important reminder that the First Amendment protects the speech of all Americans, including conservatives,” said Young America’s Foundation President Ron Robinson. “It should serve as a warning to leftist professors, administrators, and students across America who attempt to stifle the free speech rights of the conservative students on their campuses,” he continued. “Young America’s Foundation works with students who face persecution for articulating freedom’s principles every day, and we will continue to ensure these students are allowed to exercise their rights freely.”

This settlement is a victory not just for the Young Americans for Freedom in the matter of this specific lecture, but a First Amendment victory for all students at California State University-Los Angeles. It should also serve as a warning to all schools and administrators who may seek to use their authority over students to suppress free speech and persecute conservatives students and their organizations: Young America’s Foundation is watching, and we will hold anyone who attempts to interfere with students’ free exercise of their First Amendment rights to account.

Since the campus lecture at the center of this matter occurred, the Young Americans for Freedom chapter at CSULA has grown significantly, and gone on to host other top conservatives including Star Parker and Christina Hoff Sommers. They have confirmed upcoming events with Rick Santorum and Rachel Campos-Duffy. And, as a result of this victory for conservative speech, will be organizing a return to their campus by Ben Shapiro.