Young America’s Foundation President Ron Robinson signed onto a letter with more than five dozen other conservative leaders calling for social media outlets to cease their censorship of conservative voices and brands.

“Social media censorship and online restriction of conservatives and their organizations have reached a crisis level,” the letter begins. “Social media firms have banned gun videos and rejected pro-life advertisements… Firms have restricted and deleted videos, even academic content.”

Young America’s Foundation joins the cosigners in calling for four key reforms to protect speech and rectify social media companies’ “credibility problem”:

–Provide transparency

–Provide clarity on ‘hate speech’

–Provide equal footing for conservatives

–Mirror the First Amendment

In conclusion, the letter states that “Social media companies must address these complaints if they wish to have any credibility with the Conservative Movement and its tens of millions of supporters. If they do so “with the spirit of cooperation, we will do our best to assist them.”

Cosigners of the letter include numerous Foundation allies including Lt. Col. Allen West, Attorney General Edwin Meese, Dave Bossie, Ken Cuccinelli, James O’Keefe, Becky Norton Dunlop, Cleta Mitchell, Kristan Hawkins, Craig Shirley, T. Kenneth Cribb, and Everett Piper.