SANTA BARBARA—To kick off the summer, Young America’s Foundation’s sold-out June High School Conference at the Reagan Ranch will bring 15+ conservative leaders and more than 350 participants together for an unforgettable weekend at President Reagan’s beloved Rancho del Cielo and the state-of-the-art Reagan Ranch Center in downtown Santa Barbara, California.

From June 20 to 23, students will hear from New York Times bestselling author Ben Shapiro, 37th Treasurer of the United States Bay Buchanan, Super Bowl champion Burgess Owens, and many other key leaders.

The high school students will also take part in the unforgettable experience of walking in President Reagan’s footsteps at his ranch in the Santa Ynez mountains.

Demand for YAF’s high school programs continues to increase, and the June and August conferences quickly sold out. Young America’s Foundation is, for the first time, giving students across the country exclusive access to prominent conservative leaders and their ideas with YAF Virtual Pass.” More than 950 are already registered to participate in the best crash course in conservative ideas available.

“Many high school students today only know President Reagan from what they read in their often-biased textbooks. When they visit Rancho del Cielo and walk in our 40th President’s footsteps, they meet Reagan the man, experience his humble and hardworking spirit, and gain a better appreciation for his love of freedom. Paired with engaging and interactive sessions with leading conservative authors, thinkers, and newsmakers, YAF’s high school conferences at the Reagan Ranch are a rite of passage for any young conservative,” noted YAF Spokesman Spencer Brown. “This record-breaking conference proves conservative ideas are in demand among young people and that YAF’s conferences remain the best experience in the Conservative Movement.”

Other speakers set to share conservative ideas rarely heard in high school classrooms include Michael Reagan, Robert Spencer, Ron Robinson, Dr. Derryck Green, Anna Strasburg, Dr. Burt Folsom, Emily Jashinsky, Andrew F. Puzder, Ken Stiles, Patrick X. Coyle, Washington Rep. Mathew Manweller, and Grant Strobl.

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