As schools move to remote learning due to coronavirus-related restrictions, Young America’s Foundation is adapting its programs to continue filling the critical need for intellectual diversity and a well-rounded education. That’s why YAF is pleased to announce its latest online offering in the form of a new podcast, Books with Burt, featuring Dr. Burt Folsom. 

Everything you learned from history class is wrong—or at least it’s not the whole story. The leftist-driven bias in the classroom has been exposed and remedied by Young America’s Foundation since its founding 50 years ago, and YAF continues to deliver real history with this new on-demand resource from one of its most-beloved speakers.

As most attendees at YAF’s life-changing student conferences know, Dr. Folsom brings history to life. It’s not just factoids and lessons, it’s inspiring moments of American ingenuity and tales of our country’s greatness in overcoming the challenges we’ve faced. Books with Burt will dive into source material and history books to share stories you’ve never heard from America’s past.

“In trying times, hearing and understanding the real history of the United States is more important than ever. Just because courses have been moved online does not mean leftist bias has disappeared,” stated Young America’s Foundation spokesman Spencer Brown. “YAF remains committed to bringing conservative ideas and well-rounded lessons to the rising generation. The passion with which Dr. Folsom shares history is contagious, and one episode of Books with Burt surely provides students with a better lesson than a semester of on-campus indoctrination.”

“My friends at Young America’s Foundation and I are partnering to bring you a brand-new podcast to help combat the misinformation taught in history courses nationwide,” noted Dr. Folsom. “History should be fascinating, not boring. It’s the story of human beings and how they interact with one another. And history is full of amazing, daring, and often hilarious characters who dared to do something no one had done before.”

Dr. Burt Folsom is Young America’s Foundation’s longest-serving faculty member. Addressing a YAF audience for the first time in 1981, he has spoken to YAF students every year since. Dr. Folsom is a Distinguished Fellow of Hillsdale College, and the author of several books, including The Myth of the Robber Barons, FDR Goes to War, and New Deal or Raw Deal: How FDR’s Economic Legacy Has Damaged America. 

The trailer for Books with Burt includes an introduction for this new podcast and a short story about President Grover Cleveland.

Episode 1 of Books with Burt, “The Monopoly Breaker,” dives into Cornelius Vanderbilt and his efforts to break through steamship monopolies organized by New York’s state government.

For additional information or to request an interview contact YAF spokesman Spencer Brown via or 800-872-1776.