Young America’s Foundation mourns the loss of Richard DeVos.

“Richard DeVos was a true patriot who, along with his late wife Helen, allowed Young America’s Foundation to advance our Reagan Ranch project in a transformational way,” stated YAF President Ron Robinson. “Their generous leadership helps provide future generations the opportunity to walk in the footsteps of our 40th President at his beloved Rancho del Cielo where visitors experience and are inspired by the timeless principles and lasting accomplishments of Ronald Reagan.”

Young America’s Foundation President Ron Robinson with Helen and Richard DeVos at the main entrance to the Reagan Ranch Center.

A marker of DeVos’ commitment to inspiring the next generation with the principles and accomplishments of Ronald Reagan sits prominently at the entrance to the state-of-the-art Reagan Ranch Center in downtown Santa Barbara, California. Bordering the main entryway is a quote from Richard and Helen DeVos:

“Knowing Ronald Reagan was an honor, a privilege, and a joy. His love of life, country, family, and friends was contagious. As believers in an upward look, we most admired his conviction that “It’s morning in America’—that we are the country of tomorrow, always in the act of becoming. We discovered that a visit to the Reagan Ranch is an inspiring reflection of President Reagan’s American spirit and character of rugged individualism, idealism, and hard work. We are delighted to support this Schoolhouse of Reaganism, which like the ranch, preserves his values. To keep America strong, our young people can stand on the shoulders of this giant of a leader. They can build from his legacy that we must diligently defend as treasures our political and economic freedoms. Together, with optimism and faith in God, they can help our nation achieve any goal and continue to prosper as a beacon of hope for the world.”

Helen and Richard DeVos stand by a plaque recognizing their transformational impact on YAF’s Reagan Ranch project at Rancho del Cielo.

Richard DeVos’ belief in America and her future will be remembered and carried forward in the generations of students who reap the rewards of his investment in our nation’s bright future. 

YAF President Ron Robinson added, “The DeVoses noted that to keep America strong, students ought to stand on the shoulders of giants—Rich DeVos is one of those giants himself.”

Richard DeVos stands in the boardroom at the Reagan Ranch Center in Santa Barbara, California.