Young America’s Foundation mourns the passing of Phyllis Schlafly, a conservative icon who spent decades in the trenches fighting to save our country.

“She was a strong ally and a good friend. She taught us how to win struggles for freedom and Constitutional government even when our chances seemed hopeless,” said Young America’s Foundation president Ron Robinson.

Mrs. Schlafly never forgot the importance of speaking to young people. She went out of her way to counsel and address students, including countless YAF audiences, throughout her entire career. Many of our students have powerful stories of her visits to their campuses, remembering her persuasive presentation of conservative ideas, including traditional social values, and inspirational story of success as an activist.

The Conservative Movement will always reflect on her towering example of perseverance and commitment, drawing strength from the passion she exuded in the toughest of times. Her impact will be felt for decades to come and we are forever grateful she blessed our cause with her efforts.