On March 28, Young America’s Foundation announced it had booked conservative commentator and author Ann Coulter to speak at the University of California–Berkeley on April 27.

Since 1998, Young America’s Foundation and Ann Coulter have worked together to bring a conservative viewpoint to America’s notoriously liberal college campuses. Ann is also an alumnus of the Foundation’s National Journalism Center, and is a mainstay of YAF’s campus lecture circuit.

Coulter is a twelve-time New York Times bestselling author and syndicated columnist who previously worked in the Senate Judiciary Committee and as a successful litigator defending First Amendment rights.

Ann’s qualifications would normally lead to campuses honoring her accomplishments and rolling out the red carpet for a lecture appearance. But for one reason alone–the fact that she is a bold conservative who openly shares her conservative principles–the leftists that monopolize campuses and classrooms revile her.

Young America’s Foundation and Coulter remain committed to bringing conservatism to Berkeley’s embattled campus despite past opposition to conservatives and the actions by radical leftists to lay siege to their own school and community.

In addition to providing a large portion of the funding to bring Coulter to Berkeley, Young America’s Foundation provides logistical support before the event as well as on-the-ground support from experienced staff.

We challenge UC Berkeley’s administration, staff, and students to act in accordance with their “Principles of Community” which include:

  • “affirm[ing] the dignity of all individuals”
  • not tolerating “discrimination and hate”
  • “ensuring freedom of expression and dialogue that elicits the full spectrum of views”
  • “civility and respect in [our] personal interactions.”

The only members of the Berkeley community who regularly breach these “principles” are intolerant leftists who burn trash, shatter windows, and shout down speakers they disagree with. It is the Foundation’s hope that Berkeley will hold liberals accountable if their previously exhibited childish behavior is repeated.

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