Young America’s Foundation regularly surveys and reviews course catalogs, textbook requirements, commencement speakers, and other key indicators that show the real state of higher education in the United States. These reports show that for many institutions, talk of diversity and inclusion extends only to intersectional concerns over race, class, sex, and gender, while excluding any attention or concern for intellectual diversity.

What schools publicly trumpet and what they teach within their lecture halls are unfortunately two very different things.

Tuition rates continue to increase to cover the cost of staff and facilities dedicated to diversity, yet many of the institutions surveyed in this year’s Comedy & Tragedy report have failed to recognize or protect diverse expression in the form of conservative speakers. The University of California, Berkeley and University of Florida are just two sampled institutions where Young America’s Foundation’s student activists had to petition federal courts in order to enjoy equal access and free expression.

Student loan debt is now more than a $1 trillion burden on Americans, and despite record- breaking economic success and opportunity for young people, the educations this generation earn leave many unable to find gainful employment. Part of this problem is rooted in the lack of well-rounded, balanced education that teaches students how to succeed and pursue their individual American dream.

Many of the courses and descriptions listed in the following pages may seem comical at first reading, but the reality that these are the courses shaping the minds and worldview of the rising generation is hardly a laughing matter.

Instead of civics classes on what unites Americans, a complete lesson in history—both good and bad so that students may understand the progress and continually-unfolding promise of America—these institutions’ course offerings are filled with indoctrination of what divides us.

Since 1995, Young America’s Foundation has released Comedy & Tragedy to document the intellectual bias and shameless indoctrination taking place through slanted curriculum at America’s so-called prestigious institutions of higher education.

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