Ben Shapiro recently stated, “The first thing that I think YAF does beautifully and better than anybody else is they provide all of these resources, they make sure that young people have what they need in order to succeed on these campuses.”

What are these resources? We’re glad you asked.

Free Speech Boxes, Activism Starter Kits, Lecture Boxes, and Young Americans for Freedom Chapter Boxes provide a generous stock of themed buttons, stickers, calendars, planners, books, t-shirts, posters, guides and various booklets, including pocket U.S. Constitutions, a guide to fighting for free speech on campus, and others.


At our conferences and seminars, not only do our students hear from and receive access to meet and ask our speakers questions, they also receive a conference binder packed with information, advice on how to get active in the Conservative Movement, step-by-step guides to becoming active on their campus and hosting events, and recommendation lists of websites, books, and films to deepen their knowledge further. We make sure they get plenty of YAF swag before they head home, too.

Through our Center for Entrepreneurship & Free Enterprise, students can host speakers and attend seminars specifically related to economic issues.

At the Foundation, we offer internships to students so that they can gain a hands-on experience in working in the Movement. Students interested specifically in getting involved in journalism can apply for internships through our National Journalism Center. NJC interns are placed with various outlets ranging from The Daily Caller to the Washington Examiner to work in their desired field and then gather together one day a week for training with industry experts at YAF’s Headquarters.

Students have the opportunity to start a Young America’s Foundation chapter at their school to foster an active conservative presence on campus. By forming a Young Americans for Freedom chapter, conservative students are able to meet like-minded peers, host successful events that wouldn’t be possible for one to do alone, and engage in discussions to grow their understanding of conservative ideas.

The Reagan Ranch Center in Santa Barbara, CA provides students and supporters the opportunity to peer into the life of Ronald Reagan. The Reagan exhibit inside of the RRC is rich in history and facts about the items Reagan prized most. Students and other visitors can read some of Reagans letters, see what books Reagan kept on his bookshelf, and hear some of his radio broadcasts, and much more. We often take them up to Rancho del Cielo, Reagan’s actual ranch and home that the Foundation owns and preserves as a living monument, to give them an even closer look into the life of Ronald Reagan.

Young America’s Foundation’s nationwide campus lecture program allows students to bring in to their campuses some of the top leaders within the Conservative Movement. We’ll work with any conservative student group to host a lecture, and we provide assistance from start to finish, from the initial planning stages through the on-site event execution. In addition to providing logistical assistance, we also have grants available for student groups to host a speaker as part of one of our several lecture tours and offer other financial assistance. To see a list of speakers we already work with, go here.

If you’re interested in learning more, visit this page to submit a request form or call YAF at 1-800-USA-1776.

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