The following is the text of a memo which was designed for internal guidance only, but was obtained by the media. Subsequently, a Turning Point USA spokesperson distorted what Young America’s Foundation was communicating. Here is the complete text to set the record straight:


TO: Program Team

FROM: Kimberly Begg, Esq.

Vice President & General Counsel

DATE: May 25, 2018

RE: Advising our Students about TPUSA 

Nationwide, student activists are coming to us with questions about Turning Point USA (TPUSA).  They tell us they are frustrated that TPUSA claims credit for their events and creates turmoil within their YAF chapters and other groups.  Students are seeking direction from our team about whether to cooperate with TPUSA.

In order to provide guidance to students, our team needs to understand that TPUSA is unlike any of the many Conservative Movement organizations we have worked with in the past. 

This memo is not a comprehensive analysis of concerns about TPUSA’s approach.  It is not a report on the many alarming incidents students have shared with us over the years.  Rather, it is a compilation of information from public sources, outlining the lack of integrity, honesty, experience, and judgment of this growing organization. 

Founded in 2012 by Charlie Kirk, TPUSA emerged to “identify, educate, train, and organize students to promote the principles of freedom, free markets, and limited government.”  

From the start, Kirk made bold claims about TPUSA that could not possibly be true about a start-up organization working with young people.  Early marketing materials described TPUSA as the umbrella organization for the young Conservative Movement, under which Young America’s Foundation, Leadership Institute, Intercollegiate Studies Institute, The Fund for American Studies, Young Americans for Liberty, and other groups operate.

Early on, Kirk made a name for himself by appearing regularly on Fox News.  He gained the confidence and support of key business leaders in the Midwest, who made significant gifts to grow TPUSA quickly.

 Kirk established an impressive social media and online presence for TPUSA.  What he lacked in activities, he made up for through clever marketing, using pictures of students holding up signs and making unverified claims about the thousands of students involved with TPUSA.

Conservative Movement groups started hearing from supporters about TPUSA’s claims that they held more activities than all youth groups combined.  This claim has never been remotely true.  Consider: 

Young America’s Foundation’s conferences and seminars, campus lecture program, Young Americans for Freedom chapters, Center for Entrepreneurship & Free Enterprise, National Journalism Center, and Reagan Ranch program

Leadership Institute’s schools, workshops, training programs, Campus Network, and Campus Reform

Intercollegiate Studies Institute’s fellowships, seminars and conferences, ISI Societies, Collegiate Network, and Intercollegiate Review

The Fund for American Studies’ journalism and public policy fellowships, seminars, international programs, and European Journalism Institute

Clare Boothe Luce Policy Institute’s campus lectures and initiatives, conferences and seminars, fellowships, internships, and Luce Societies

Young Americans for Liberty’s conferences, resources, and chapters

Students for Life of America’s national conferences; chapters for middle school, high school, and college students; and National Field Program

We called this falsehood to Kirk’s personal attention, but he has never corrected it.

Several years ago, the leader of a conservative youth group shared that a supporter of her organization, who had recently met with Kirk, challenged her about why TPUSA had more chapters than did her organization.  The leader was skeptical of the claim, so she asked her staff to contact their best student activists to learn more.  They concluded Kirk’s claim was wildly untrue.  The actual number of students involved with TPUSA, and those who had started chapters, was minimal.  This group—and other youth groups—have been operating in an environment distorted by Kirk’s fabricated claims ever since.

At some point, Kirk began making progress in recruiting young people to become involved with TPUSA.  The numbers are still wildly inflated, as discussed in more detail below, but the TPUSA of 2018 has its own programs and chapters, leading to a new set of issues.

A series of negative articles, identifying legitimate concerns about TPUSA, have emerged in recent months.  There has been much discussion about what should be done to prevent TPUSA—which was recently described by Mediaite as the organization “known as much for racism as it is for diaper-wearing”—from discrediting all conservative organizations that specialize in reaching young people.

I.   Falsification of Numbers and Activities

TPUSA’s falsification of numbers and activities has been widely known among Conservative Movement leaders for years.  As a result, many groups, reaching far more students than TPUSA, have felt pressure to inflate their own numbers in order to compete.

Here are a few documented cases of TPUSA’s falsification of numbers and activities.

1.  Fabricating Results to Cover Up a Failed $2 Million Project 

Kirk’s claim that TPUSA succeeded in getting 50 conservatives elected to student leadership positions on campuses has been so widely discredited, the project is not even mentioned in its 16-page 2017 Year in Review publication.

TPUSA raised $2 million for this project, representing 20% of its 2017 revenue.

Accountability is important to most supporters of conservative organizations, including Doug Deason, a member of TPUSA’s advisory council.  Deason said, “How many seats we’re winning in student councils and government councils and presidents of student bodies is really an important metric for the organization.”

But the success Kirk claimed to have achieved, using this metric, was wholly fabricated.  As Politico Magazine reported on April 6, 2018: