We started with 16 leftists who are notorious for letting their feelings get in the way of facts and famous for hypocritically attacking conservatives while turning a blind eye to liberal blunders.

Now we’re down to the last two liberals who have bested their lefty friends to reach the final Liberal March Madness showdown: Michael Moore and Bernie Sanders. Moore’s path to the final saw him topple Al Gore, Madonna, and Chuck Schumer while Sanders handily claimed victories over Elizabeth Warren, Lena Dunham, and Shaun King.

Clocking in at 75 years old, socialist Bernie Sanders was the also-ran of the Left in 2016, failing in his bid for the White House due to the insider rigging of his own party against him. It also may have been because he thinks “climate change is directly related to the growth of terrorism.”

Weighing in at [REDACTED], Michael Moore is one of the Left’s favorite filmmakers due to his outspoken opposition to the capitalist system that’s made him wealthy. Just a year after U.S. forces liberated Iraq, Moore sided with the terrorist insurgents who killed Americans, saying they were not “the enemy” but rather “the Minutemen” who “will win.” His latest project, a movie released in 2016 aimed at taking down then-nominee Donald Trump, failed just like every other liberal policy Moore advocates for.

You can cast your vote in the title match between these two mad liberals at twitter.com/YAF!