Members of the newly established University at Buffalo Young Americans for Freedom (YAF) chapter decided that they would not let campus leftists control the narrative after discovering fliers promoting an “Anti-Trump Protest” hosted by the Black Law Student Association and Muslim Student Association.

University at Buffalo YAF led a coalition of conservative campus groups in holding a”Pro-America” rally.  They boldly displayed  their love of country and support of policies that promote a strong national defense — one of YAF’s core values.

After the anti-american protestors made a lap around campus University at Buffalo YAF chairwoman Lynn Sementilli explained that “the mob came around the buildings to face us. Then the mob moved into the Student Union where we were able to talk to more people.”

To the group of anti-american protestors’ surprise they were met by a proud group of conservative students chanting “U-S-A! U-S-A!”.  One conservative student brought loud speakers and blasted patriotic songs that included “Stars and Stripes Forever” and “God Bless the USA (Proud to be an American)”.

University at Buffalo YAF member Mae Sementilli said “I was so encouraged by the patriotism displayed and would definitely take every chance to show this campus how patriotic we really are. Most of the protesters were not violent, which I appreciated; however, they didn’t make much sense or didn’t really know what they wanted. I was disappointed in the terrible education they received from a state university.”

In a statement to Young America’s Foundation, chairwoman Lynn Sementilli affirmed: “We were proud to finally have our voices heard.  Conservatives on campus came together to show leftists that they will not silence us.  America is the greatest country on the face of the earth and we will never apologize for that.  All of the members who took part in this pro-USA demonstration were totally energized by this experience, and we are so pumped to continue advocating Conservative values on our campus. Our YAF chapter at UB is now more ready than ever before to take on the radical leftists at our campus and show the community that there are Conservative students on our campus that stand for reason, freedom, and the founding principles that made America great.”