For its fifth annual “30 Under 30” list, Red Alert Politics selected Young America’s Foundation Spokeswoman Emily Jashinsky and Young Americans for Freedom Board of Governors member and University of Michigan chapter chair Grant Strobl to highlight their “exceptional impact” within the Conservative Movement.
Strobl 30 Under 30

In his interview with Red Alert Politics, Strobl reinforced the importance of bold activism to promote conservatism on his campus saying, “Unlike universities that want you to seek safe spaces, in order to make a difference you have to actively seek unsafe spaces. It is in these unsafe spaces, as an activist, where you learn how to take risks, debate, deal with adversity, build teams, and bring ideas to fruition.”

Jashinsky 30 Under 30

When asked about the biggest factor in her success, Jashinsky remarked that her strategy “took the form of developing a strong relationship with Young America’s Foundation as a college student,” which ultimately landed her a job as YAF’s spokeswoman. “Finding success at a young age involves earning the trust of people with the power to give you responsibility.”

The “30 Under 30” list highlights young conservative leaders who are making an exceptional impact on their campuses or in their communities.