We are sometimes asked, “What sets Young America’s Foundation apart in the field of conservative youth outreach?” And, “What makes Young America’s Foundation different?”

Young America’s Foundation is the leader in our field. We are the #1 youth outreach organization in the country reaching the largest audiences of young people through our breakthrough campus lecture program, life-changing conservative conferences and seminars, and exciting activism initiatives for students.

In April alone, Young America’s Foundation organized more campus lectures than there were days of the month.

Lt. Col. Allen West at Texas Christian University
Steve Forbes at Fordham University
Jedediah Bila at New York University
Nonie Darwish at Wingate University
Dr. Burt Folsom at the University of Detroit
Steve Forbes at Southern Methodist University
Bill Whittle at Kehillah Jewish High School
Ben Shapiro at the University of California-Berkeley
Rich Lowry at Columbia University
Matt Walsh at Texas A&M
Steve Forbes at Harvard University
Newt Gingrich at Providence Academy
Rick Santorum at Vanderbilt University
Ben Shapiro at the University of Michigan
Newt Gingrich at Purdue University
Star Parker at Liberty University
Erick Erickson at the University of Connecticut
Star Parker at Trinity Classical Academy
Dinesh D’Souza at the University of Wisconsin-Madison
Ben Shapiro at Penn State University
Karl Rove at Penn State University
Bill Whittle at Col Poly State University
Lt. Col. Allen West at The George Washington University


Stars of the Conservative Movement inspired the largest capacity student crowds that made for the biggest campus events all semester. From Ivy League institutions to state schools, from New York to California and Texas to Wisconsin, America’s young people heard prominent conservative leaders including Speaker Newt GingrichSteveForbesDinesh D’SouzaBen Shapiro, Lt. Col. Allen West, and many others.

Above, you can see some of the standing-room-only events only Young America’s Foundation makes possible working in conjunction with stellar YAF activists on college and high school campuses.

When top conservative students want to get the conservative message out, they know to turn to Young America’s Foundation because of our time-tested campus lecture program and our decades-long record of powerful campus activism.

That’s the multiplier effect of students being trained at the Reagan Ranch and across the country going back to their campuses to spread conservative ideas.

It’s little wonder Young America’s Foundation is the youth organization that both President Ronald Reagan and William FBuckley partnered with to reach new audiences.

William F. Buckley wrote, “The reason one supports Young America’s Foundation is that one supports one’s country, and one’s country is going to be run, in a matter of days now, by these kids. They are going to be making the important decisions.”

President Reagan said of the Foundation’s programs that they, “offer invaluable assistance to young men and women searching for the encouragement and understanding necessary to reinforce the values of a free society.”

So, when you think youth outreach in the Conservative Movement, think Young America’s Foundation. We’re the entry point to the entire Conservative Movement for today’s students.

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