Young America’s Foundation and bold conservative student activists have drawn media attention–much of it a sobering look at the state of free speech on many leftist campuses–from Florida to California this week.

The Young Americans for Freedom at the University of’ Houston hosted David Horowitz, and intolerant leftists once again attempted to shut down conservative speech. Story via Breitbart.

YAF worked with conservative students at Stanford to host prominent conservative and New York Times bestselling author Robert Spencer, where the ideological weakness of liberals led them to use lame epithets and walk out. Story via ABC7-San Francisco. The College Fix also reported on Stanford staff’s attempt to prevent students from hearing a conservative message by encouraging students to tear down posters advertising the YAF lecture.

Conservative students at UCLA brought Ben Shapiro home to his alma mater for a YAF lecture on the rise of campus fascism. Story via the Daily Bruin.

At the University of Florida, campus leftists are vandalizing pro-life posters advertising the YAF chapter’s event with 37th U.S. Treasurer Bay Buchanan. Story via the Washington Examiner. The University of Florida’s campus news site also reported on the event.

Bold activism yields results, and no one helps conservative students boldly advance the Conservative Movement on their campuses like Young America’s Foundation.

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