Young America’s Foundation Convenes Hundreds of Top Student Activists in Nation’s Capital for Post-Election Strategy Retreat

RESTON, VA— Immediately following the 2016 presidential election, Young America’s Foundation is convening hundreds of conservative college students in the nation’s capital from November 11-12 for a retreat featuring leading speakers such as Lieutenant General Michael Flynn, KT McFarland, Stephen Hayes, 75th Attorney General Edwin Meese, and others to reflect on the results of the race and plan for the future of the Conservative Movement.

The retreat will mark the first significant gathering of young conservatives in the aftermath of this historic year.

Over the course of the retreat, students will learn from key veterans of the Movement, seeking their answers to critical questions about how to advance the Conservative Movement of the future.

Students and leaders will strategize and discuss the best methods to boldly promote conservative solutions in the weeks and months ahead.

Speakers will include:

  • Attorney General Edwin Meese
  • Lieutenant General Michael Flynn
  • KT McFarland
  • Matt Schlapp
  • Rachel Campos-Duffy
  • Stephen Hayes

Indeed, after key victories or defeats, many conservatives are tempted to pause their efforts and overlook that the Left never stops fighting to achieve its radical agenda.

Regardless of what happens on November 8, whether students feel the need to celebrate or reenergize to protect their freedoms, this meeting of like-minded conservatives will help them develop a strategy to promote freedom at their schools and beyond.

The principles upon which our nation was founded will not be swept away overnight, but the Conservative Youth Movement must remain diligent in defending our freedoms against those who believe the government knows best.

“President Reagan famously warned Americans that ‘freedom is never more than one generation away from extinction.’ That means these students are on the front lines of the fight to preserve our country,” said Young America’s Foundation President Ron Robinson. “The strategies they develop and the bonds they form at this retreat will be the foundation upon which the Conservative Youth Movement of the future is built. “

“This program will inform their efforts as activists for decades to come,” Robinson concluded.