Young America’s Foundation’s general counsel submitted a letter to University of Wisconsin-Madison officials Monday afternoon demanding an investigation into the unlawful misconduct of a teaching assistant who shamelessly admitted to tearing down dozens of flyers promoting Matt Walsh’s “What is a Woman?” screening and lecture.

Jesikah Leeper, a teaching assistant in the Gender & Women’s Studies Department, told the Badger Herald that she was feeling “annoyed” when she noticed the presence of flyers advertising the “What is a Woman?” event in the women’s studies wing of the building. According to her own estimate, she tore down approximately 40 of the Young Americans for Freedom chapter’s flyers. Additionally, she filed a report with the dean’s office alleging that the YAF chapter had committed a “bias incident” by hanging the flyers she disagreed with.

“If the university is committed to free speech, justice, and unbiased enforcement of university policies, the university must take immediate action to investigate Ms. Leeper,” Victor Bernson, the Foundation’s vice president and general counsel, wrote in the demand letter.

Because the University of Wisconsin-Madison is a public institution, its students are entitled to their First Amendment right to free speech. Rather than accepting the fact that there are thousands of individuals on campus who hold beliefs that are not the same as her own, Leeper and others like her in the world of academia do whatever they can to shut down the opposing viewpoints.

“In addition, in light of this unlawful censorship, we demand assurances that the University will immediately educate its staff regarding the value of free speech and the University’s obligation under the First Amendment to refrain from censorship–not to mention its obligation as an institution of higher learning to promote the free exchange of ideas, not merely refrain from censoring them,” the letter continues.

In addition to Leeper’s appalling behavior, the university’s administration went out of its way to denounce Walsh as “harmful” in an official statement.

The morning before the event, leftists vandals took their anger out on a veterans memorial, spraypainting the phrase, “TRANS WOMEN ARE WOMEN – F**K MATT WALSH AND YAF,” over an inscription dedicating the building to those who have served the country.

Despite the many obstacles put in place by leftist students, instructors, and administrators alike, the event was a success.

“We’re so grateful to everyone who came out last night, and to Young America’s Foundation for their support,” chapter chairman Harrison Wells, told the New Guard. “We hope the school takes swift action to hold Leeper and those responsible for the spraypaint vandalism accountable for their respective actions,” he continued.

Neither UW-Madison officials nor Jesikah Leeper responded to YAF’s request for comment. The New Guard will provide an update should the Foundation receive a response to its demands.

UW YAF students demonstrated great courage and resilience throughout this ordeal. No matter what came their way, they stood up for their beliefs and the right to free speech.