Today, Young America’s Foundation filed a lawsuit against California State University Los Angeles (CSULA) for censoring CSULA Young Americans for Freedom (YAF) when they brought conservative Ben Shapiro to a campus where only leftist ideologies were taught and tolerated.


In a time where students’ free speech rights are being continually trampled on, CSULA YAF is one of the many chapters across the country leading the fight for free speech on their college and high school campuses.  We have seen time after time that when students’ free speech is being violated, YAFers fight back, and YAFers refuse to back down.  Most importantly, YAFers always win.


The following three stories are just a small portion of a vast amount of free speech victories YAF chapters have achieved since YAF’s founding in 1960.

  • University of Michigan (UMich) cancelled a showing of American Sniper due to alleged “Islamaphobia”, but UMich YAF quickly stepped up to lead the charge to support the film which resulted in the university overturning it’s decision.
  • Virginia Tech (VT)  YAF’s funding was stripped for hosting Bay Buchanan to speak against illegal immigration, but VT YAF exposed the ideological discrimination and the funding was reinstated.
  • Grosse Point South (GPS) administrators  banned Rick Santorum from speaking on leadership based on their opposition to his personal stance on traditional marriage. GPS YAF fought back and won, leading to hundreds of students hearing the speech.


There is no better time than now to start winning free speech battles by bringing YAF to your campus. YAF chapters are provided with numerous resources including free speech boxes , step by step assistance and grants to host conservative speakers, exclusive trainings, and more! Every college campus needs a YAF chapter to be the first line of defense when student’s are being prevented from expressing their constitutionally guaranteed rights.  You too can fearlessly promote conservatism on your campus, just like CSULA YAF. As a member of YAF, you will be part of the number one conservative outreach organization on high school and college campuses across the country.

If you are interested in making a lasting impact by starting a YAF chapter, please contact program officer for YAF chapter services, Lauren McCue, or call 800-USA-1776 today.