Young America’s Foundation’s best-in-the-Movement campus lecture program is on track to have another record-setting spring, with more lectures than there are days in the month of April.

Conservative leaders from critical areas of our culture will bring conservative ideas to dozens of embattled schools, often serving as the one event to bring intellectual diversity to a liberal-dominated campus.

All too often, America’s high schools and colleges are staffed by liberal professors and teachers who work to stifle conservative ideas, sideline conservative students, and suppress attendance at conservative events. YAF never backs down, and our students aren’t intimidated by the dirty tricks of the Left.

Conservative ideas are in demand among young people across America, and Young America’s Foundation is proud to be the leading provider of conservative voices to students nationwide.

YAF is bringing these conservative ideas to more students than any other group. Ben Shapiro, Ann Coulter, Lt. Col. Allen West, Christina Hoff Sommers, Steve Forbes, Rick Santorum, Judge Jeanine Pirro, and Dinesh D’Souza are just a few of the speakers YAF is dispatching to campuses this April.

See below for a full list of the leading conservatives Young America’s Foundation is dispatching to our nation’s campuses:

4/3—Ben Shapiro at the University of Florida
4/4—Matt Walsh at the University of Notre Dame
4/4—Allen West at the University of Georgia
4/4—Hen Mazzig at the University of Pennsylvania
4/5—Christina Hoff Sommers at UNC-Chapel Hill
4/5—George Harbison at Clemson University
4/10—Allen West at the University of Alabama
4/11—Steve Forbes at Virginia Tech
4/12—Rick Santorum at Cal State-LA
4/12—David Horowitz at UC-Berkeley
4/12—Christina Hoff Sommers at The George Washington University
4/13—Allen West at UC-Santa Barbara
4/13—Robert Spencer at Truman State University
4/13—Jason Mattera at the University of Central Florida
4/18—Rick Santorum at Princeton University
4/18—Steve Forbes at the University of Pennsylvania
4/19—Christina Hoff Sommers at Boston College
4/19—Jeanine Pirro at Purdue University
4/21—Jake Jacobs at Concordia High School
4/24—Christina Hoff Sommers at Gonzaga University
4/24—Rick Santorum at Unity Christian School
4/25—Daniel Lapin at Canada College
4/25—Dinesh D’Souza at Brandeis University
4/25—Allen West at Dallas Baptist University
4/25—Steve Forbes at the University of Wisconsin-Madison
4/25—Jeanine Pirro at Liberty University
4/26—Dinesh D’Souza at Stevens Institute of Technology
4/26—Allen West at Boston University
4/26—Jake Jacobs at Ripon College
4/27—Ann Coulter at UC-Berkeley
4/28—David Horowitz at Providence Academy


Many lectures are open to the public, and several will be live streamed. For more information on attending any of these lectures, contact YAF at 1-800-USA-1776 or view our full calendar of upcoming lectures and conferences. Click here to request a YAF speaker at your school.