As students return to their schools to begin another academic year, Young America’s Foundation and its bold student activists are preparing to bring conservative ideas and intellectual diversity to their campuses. 

As part of its campus lecture program—the largest in America—Young America’s Foundation is excited to again partner with the Daily Wire’s Michael Knowles to bring his no-holds-barred brand of conservatism to campuses.

The Logan Family Lecture Series Presents: Michael Knowles—Men Are Not Women, And Other Uncomfortable Truths will be making stops at the following schools:

University of Florida

Kennesaw State University

Yale University

The George Washington University

University of Kentucky

The Ohio State University

University of Southern California

Following an intolerant leftist’s super-soaker assault on Knowles last semester, he and YAF committed to double-down on efforts to bring conservative ideas to even the most seemingly-inhospitable venues. 

“We need to fight back,” Knowles said. “We are not going to let [the Left] bully us, we are not going to let them intimidate us, even if the universities abandon every one of their conservative students.” 

“The impact of YAF’s campus lectures are clear: intolerant leftists show their true and absurd colors, conservative students find a rallying point to become emboldened activists, and opportunities for actual discussion are created,” noted Young America’s Foundation Spokesman Spencer Brown. “We look forward to bringing Michael Knowles and his desperately-needed reality check on leftism run amok to campuses across America.”

Dates and admission details for these schools will be published on as they are confirmed. 

For additional information on Young America’s Foundation or its nationwide campus lecture program contact YAF Spokesman Spencer Brown via or 800-872-1776.