Photo Credit: University of Southern California, 2022

Young America’s Foundation is excited to announce our Fall 2019 Campus Lecture Tour featuring New York Times bestselling author and Editor in Chief of the Daily Wire Ben Shapiro.

Following another wildly successful semester of breakthrough campus lectures by the #1 requested speaker in America—and recently the author of Amazon’s #1 bestselling Right Side of History: How Reason and Moral Purpose Made the West Great—YAF is thrilled to continue working with Ben Shapiro to bring conservative messages to sold-out student audiences around the country.

Now more than ever, conservative ideas are in demand on college campuses. And despite the Left’s best attempts to subvert or silence YAF’s events, Shapiro continues to reach capacity campus audiences and millions more online. These powerful events are the result of combining Young America’s Foundation’s logistical expertise and financial support with Shapiro’s concise and compelling conservative message. It is a message young people are eager to hear.

This fall, Ben Shapiro will speak on three campuses bringing his “Facts Don’t Care About Your Feelings” message directly to students and campus communities.

“Speaking for YAF is one of the great honors of my life,” remarked Shapiro. “It’s a blast to see students all over the country and discuss the vision of conservatism with them.”

“The more time I spend on college campuses—many of them embattled as administrators or students attempt to stop Young America’s Foundation events with Ben Shapiro—the more I realize how powerful Shapiro’s facts-not-feelings message is in pushing back against leftist orthodoxy,” noted YAF Spokesman Spencer Brown. “While mobbish protests, faculty-led resistance, and the general inanity of the campus Left seem dominant, Shapiro and YAF always manage to break through the noise and deliver the good news of conservatism directly to students, regardless of intolerant opposition.”

To learn more about Young America’s Foundation’s Fall ’19 Campus Lecture Tour with Ben Shapiro visit There, you’ll find the requirements to host Shapiro, and the steps to take in order to submit an initial inquiry and a complete event proposal. All applications must be submitted, via email to Patrick Coyle, by 5:00 pm ET on Wednesday, May 15, 2019.

For additional information on YAF’s exclusive campus lecture tour with Ben Shapiro or to request an interview contact Young America’s Foundation Spokesman Spencer Brown via or 800-872-1776.