Leftists are constantly urging conservatives to “pay their fair share” and insisting that “the 1%” need to have their wealth redistributed to those who don’t have as much. Well, now’s your chance to tell them to put their money—or in this case their grades—where their mouth is by challenging your peers with a petition to redistribute their GPA to students who are falling behind. After all, if it’s moral to take money from hardworking Americans and entrepreneurs and give it to those who haven’t earned it, the same should apply to their 4.0, right?

YAF has created a petition for your conservative club to use on tax day (Tuesday, April 17) to educate your peers about the inherent flaws of socialism. Take your club members to the quad, hit record on your phone or camera (landscape please!) and start asking students to sign your petition. You won’t be disappointed by the responses when you ask leftist students to sign a petition giving up their perfect GPA in order to help a failing student in the name because it’s their moral duty to spread the academic wealth around:


Being that some students at [insert your school’s name] have higher GPAs than others;

Being that factors outside of these students’ control—such as income disparity, race, and gender—contribute to GPA levels insufficient for graduation;

We, the students of [insert your school’s name], hereby petition to grant the administrators power to redistribute GPAs by taking points from students in the top X% of their class and distributing those points to students with GPA levels below the graduation requirements.

The winners of this year’s contest will receive FREE tuition to Young America’s Foundation’s 40th annual National Conservative Student Conference in Washington, DC—a $2,000 value!

Click HERE to view the winning entry from the 2017 GPA Redistribution Video Contest.


To be considered, videos cannot include the following words: democrat(s), republican(s), vote, elect, election, campaign, or reference anything political in nature.

Videos must be uploaded to YouTube (marked as unlisted) and the link sent to Patrick Coyle (pcoyle@yaf.org) no later than 11:59 p.m. ET on Sunday, April 22.

The creator(s) (limit of up to three students) of the best video will win FREE tuition to YAF’s 40th annual National Conservative Student Conference in Washington, DC from July 30 to August 4, 2018.