Young America’s Foundation is excited to announce the launch of Dinesh D’Souza’s newest project, a 2017-2018 campus lecture tour exposing the fascist roots, ideas, and tactics of modern progressivism.  The title of the campus lecture tour—D’Souza Unchained: Everything You Learned About American History is Wrongis inspired by D’Souza’s latest national bestselling book, The Big Lie, which clarifies that fascism is a leftist ideology that has been falsely labeled extreme right.

The 2017-2018 D’Souza Unchained tour builds on the momentum of last year’s highly successful D’Souza Unchained tour, which introduced Dinesh D’Souza to new audiences of young people at schools across the country, including Columbia University, Southern Methodist University, University of California—Los Angeles, Vanderbilt University, and many others.

The New York Times called Young America’s Foundation “the conservative force” on campuses, three days after the conclusion of last year’s D’Souza Unchained tour, in May 2017.

D’Souza Unchained will be organized exclusively through Young America’s Foundation, thanks to the support of great patriots, who are deeply committed to helping young people learn the ideas of American exceptionalism no longer taught in most schools.

The sponsors, who wish to remain anonymous, shared their motivation for supporting the lecture tour: “Students deserve to receive an education based on unbiased facts, not revisionist history.  Sadly, too few students today benefit from a robust understanding of the ideas and events that shape our world, because too few schools offer perspectives that challenge the leftist worldview.  This is not education; it’s indoctrination.  And it’s not just unfair to students; it’s dangerous.  How do we expect young people to become leaders in families, businesses, and society, when they spend the formative years of their lives being discouraged from challenging the status quo, or even seeking new information?  We are alarmed that today’s students are indoctrinated to believe that freedom—the great protector against tyranny—should be forfeited in pursuit of the progressive agenda.  That’s why we are sponsoring this campus tour.  Dinesh D’Souza is one of today’s most intelligent, articulate, courageous scholars.  We are pleased to partner with D’Souza and Young America’s Foundation to reach thousands of young people to inspire them to pursue knowledge, challenge leftist misinformation, and advance freedom and prosperity for all.”

Ron Robinson praised the generosity of the program sponsors: “We are honored by the support of these great Americans, who are eager to help students build on the momentum of last year’s D’Souza Unchained tour, to reach thousands more young people on campuses—and millions more online.  Because of their generosity, the lives of the student organizers—and the young people who will hear conservative ideas for the first time—will never be the same.  We are deeply grateful.”

The announcement comes at a time when school administrators are more hostile to conservative students and conservative ideas than at any other time since the 1960s.  46% of YAF’s campus lectures have been disrupted in some form since November of 2016. Young America’s Foundation’s highly publicized lawsuit against UC – Berkeley has brought national attention to the widespread violation of students’ free speech rights on campuses across the country.

D’Souza, who has been speaking as a part of Young America’s Foundation’s campus lecture program—the largest conservative campus lecture program in the country—for more than 20 years, shared his enthusiasm for D’Souza Unchained:  “Free speech is undoubtedly the most valuable learning tool available and there is no better way to learn than to challenge ideas.  My goal is to continue to show universities can host respectful conversations among people who disagree.”

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