Young America’s Foundation Announces 2016 Extension of Successful Wendy P. McCaw Freedom Lecture Series

RESTON, VA– Young America’s Foundation is pleased to announce the extension of last year’s successful Wendy P. McCaw Freedom Lecture Series. shapiromizzou87
In 2015, the McCaw Series featured headline-making lectures by Speaker Newt Gingrich, Ben Shaprio, Dr. Charles Krauthammer, Steve Forbes, Herman Cain, and many other conservative leaders at schools across America.

The series brings prominent conservative voices to college campuses where conservative ideas are completely shut out of the debate. Through this series, students can apply for grants of up to $20,000 to organize a prominent campus lecture–a unique opportunity offered exclusively by Young America’s Foundation to high school and college students around the country.

After hosting a successful program featuring Speaker Gingrich at Notre Dame last spring, student organizer Peter Fox thanked Mrs. McCaw and Young America’s Foundation: “Your generosity has impacted the lives of countless students by inspiring them to become more involved in the [Conservative] Movement.”

As it was demonstrated by the outburst of protests at the University of Missouri, Yale, and other campuses just this past fall, American universities are in desperate need of the conservative perspective on critical issues facing this country. The Wendy P. McCaw Freedom Lecture Series brings conservative ideas, which go unheard on most campuses, straight to the students who deserve a balanced education. Young America’s Foundation’s speakers do the job of providing the truthful and fact-based educations our country’s professors fail to administer.

Ben Shapiro’s viral McCaw Series lecture at the University of Missouri, which was quickly organized to counter the school’s leftist campus protests, drew hundreds of students in-person, made national headlines, and has been viewed more than 500,000 times online.

This lecture series is an essential addition to Young America’s Foundation’s long-running campus lecture program featuring more than 80 major conservative speakers. These events help students reach and inspire hundreds, if not thousands, of their peers with the importance of freedom, free enterprise, limited governments, and other conservative ideas absent from most college and high school campuses.

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