Emily Schneller, who led the Young Americans for Freedom chapter at Rocky Mountain College until her recent graduation, is excited to announce the release of her first book, “Misled: How the Pro-Abortion Message Deceives Young Americans.”

Schneller, first from left, poses with fellow YAFers at the March for Life

The Foundation is proud of this former YAFer for her impressive accomplishment and is excited about the book’s purpose, which echoes YAF’s longstanding dedication to the principle that each life is inherently valuable.

Schneller reveals that she wrote this book because when she arrived at RMC to begin her freshman year, she was surprised to find that one of her textbooks presented abortion as a positive and empowering procedure. As she progressed through her college career, she continued to notice that the forces of academia overwhelmingly promoted abortion and villainized those who opposed it.

Years of research, collecting testimonies from students across the country, and a passion for persuading young people to choose life have led to the release of “Misled.”

“To be completely honest, this book would never have happened without my involvement in YAF,” Schneller remarked. “My book is largely made up of testimonies from other students around the country, and without YAF, I would never have met any of them,” she continued.

Governor Scott Walker, president of Young America’s Foundation, praised Schneller for her impressive accomplishment:

“Emily is exposing the lies of the Left with her new book, “Misled.” The abortion industry is spending big money to try to get young people to ignore the basic science that shows that an unborn baby is a human being. We need to counter them with the truth.”