Posters memorializing the lives lost on Sept. 11 were vandalized by members of a University of Florida liberal student group on Friday afternoon.

After the Young Americans for Freedom (YAF) chapter at the University of Florida hung the posters around campus, liberal students plastered a “Love Trumps Hate” sign directly over the words “Never Forget.” The same students also ripped a number of the posters off the wall as well.

Photos of the vandalism and the original poster can be seen below.



Daniel Weldon, founding chairman of the YAF chapter, explained the situation to Young America’s Foundation, saying, “I was told that my freedom of speech doesn’t matter because ‘my freedom of speech is that my poster should go over yours.’

He continued, “We weren’t able to set up the complete 9/11: Never Forget Project because our school would not able us to get a permit until we were a admitted organization.”

“The girl who confronted me claimed I was ‘promoting Islamaphobia,'” Weldon remarked.
This is not the first instance of 9/11: Never Forget posters being vandalized. Just yesterday a professor at Saddleback College tore down the same YAF posters because they lacked the “stamp” of approval from student government.