Epitomizing leftist intolerance, an individual claiming to be a librarian at the University of Florida took it upon herself to deface flyers for the Young Americans for Freedom chapter’s lecture with Dinesh D’Souza—part of the D’Souza Unchained Lecture Series—posted around the campus.

Ahead of today’s Dinesh D’Souza campus lecture, YAF member Jarrod Rodriguez took to campus early in the morning to post flyers and spread the word about the upcoming lecture, but leftists clearly couldn’t handle differing viewpoints.

Jarrod was out flyering at 5 a.m. when a woman approached him saying “I’m going to tear [the flyers] down.” After repeatedly asking her to identify herself, the woman refused to share her name but claimed that she was a librarian in Library West on campus.

Her refusal to identify herself presents safety concerns for the students and also shows the utter hypocrisy that plagues the university system. If an administrator asked the student to identify himself, complete refusal to do so would not have been an option.

When asked for a reason she was tearing down the flyers, she cited a rule that flyers can only be posted on select boards on the university campus—one that is clearly arbitrarily enforced, if at all, as there were several other posters already hung up. Flyers are frequently posted—and left up—on the exact poles that Jarrod was taping his to.

The following video shows the individual proceeding to not only tear down, but also completely destroy Jarrod’s flyers before giving him an opportunity to take them down himself.

“Even if it is true that I’m not supposed to be posting them, all the time people post flyers there, but they just now decided to implement the rules. They can’t selectively enforce it,” Jarrod said.

Individuals claiming to be university faculty tearing down flyers is just the latest example of a clear leftist intolerance for conservative ideas on college campuses. If university faculty were actually concerned about the enforcement of said rules, they wouldn’t choose to selectively enforce them upon specifically conservative students.


Dinesh D’Souza will be live at the University of Florida tonight, April 12, at 6 p.m. ET. Sign up to watch online.