Mandatory diversity training at the University of Mississippi is brainwashing students with leftist speech codes, absurdly claiming that many students may be oppressing their allegedly marginalized peers. What’s more, the training insinuates students are perpetrators of racism, sexism, homophobia, and more.

A tip submitted through YAF’s Campus Bias Tipline led to YAF discovering bias and abuse in the university’s diversity training, which students are required to complete before registering for classes.

Students complete the diversity training in an online module, which asks participants questions and then gives them the “correct” answer as well as an explanation.

One response in the training module asserts that “whitesplaining,” defined as explaining oppression to a marginalized person, is a form of racism.

Other highlights of the “Spotting Privilege” section include criticizing students who feel comfortable calling the police for help, given that “marginalized groups” fear violence from the police, as well as claiming that illegal immigrant students simply do not have the “financial ability” to navigate immigration paperwork, and that it is “no fault of their own.” Additionally, it highlights that standard desk sizes may discriminate against “higher weight” and tall people, and that students who fit in the desks are privileged.

This asinine training is one of many plaguing our universities nationwide. Students are being indoctrinated and brainwashed into believing that nearly everything they do can be “oppressive” or coming from a place of privilege. Colleges are forcing their ideas down the throats of these students–and holding their academic success hostage if students dare to stand up to the politically correct, agenda-driven jargon. The Left has a clear message: follow and promote our ideas, or reap the consequences.