Each new semester brings with it the hope of expanding your club’s membership base, reaching a large number of students with conservative ideas, and making an impact on campus.

Sure, anyone can offer your club free Constitutions, posters, and other items for recruitment tables. But why stop there?

Only Young America’s Foundation has the resources, initiatives, and lecture programs designed to make your activism easy and help your club reach thousands of people while changing the atmosphere on your campus!

Keep reading to learn how!

Are you ready to make a real difference?

You can bring one of these captivating speakers to your school through the Robert and Patricia Herbold Lecture Series this spring.

Christina Hoff Sommers

Michael Knowles

Michelle Malkin

Katie Pavlich

Andrew Klavan

Rachel Campos-Duffy

Each of these ground-breaking speakers is ready to visit your campus now!

Still nervous about trying to host a speaker?

We can help!

Little-to-no funding?

Because of the generous support of the Herbold’s, Young America’s Foundation will help with the cost of your event.

No experience hosting an event?

Young America’s Foundation’s expert team will walk you through the entire process and will have your back every step of the way!

Don’t believe us? When the University of California, Berkeley violated students’ free speech rights by censoring conservative speakers, we sued and won. We will do the same for you if needed!

Don’t wait! Students around the country are already making plans to host these and our other Movement leaders on campuses nationwide this spring!

Call Patrick Coyle today at 800-USA-1776 or email him at pcoyle@yaf.org to start planning your next campus lecture!

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