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Normally you might assume that only conservative clubs would be interested in participating in Freedom Week and tearing down a mock Berlin Wall on November 9 to celebrate the fall of the Wall and showcasing the failure of socialist ideas. Afterall, administrators at St. John’s University in Minnesota last year wouldn’t even allow the conservative club to build a Wall because it would somehow inspire hate and breed intolerance.

However, we want to share what Chris D’Ambra from Old Dominion University has planned for his Freedom Week events. His conservative club has brought together a broad coalition of groups including liberal clubs and other organizations such as Success Without Limitations, the ODU Model UN, Pi Sigma Alpha (Political Science Honor Society), Kappa Delta Rho, and many other groups to participate. Each club will construct a 6′ by 4′ wooden section of the wall. At roughly 45 minutes prior to the event the various clubs will link all of the sections together and listen to Reagan’s famous Berlin Wall address read by a prominent figure at their school. When the speaker reads those unforgettable words, ” Mr. Gorbachev, open this gate. Mr. Gorbachev, Mr. Gorbachev, tear down this wall,” all of the clubs will proceed to tear down the wall.

Learn more about about the other activities that are part of Freedom Week by downloading this document . You can also check out the free posters and fliers that are available. Sign up soon because supplies are running out!

Also, any group who signs up will receive a special code to receive 28% of their CPAC registration if they sign up before November 15.

Finally, here is the latest list of participating campuses:

* Black Hawk College IL
* Bucknell Univ PA
* Buena High School AZ
* Champlain College VT
* Christopher Newport Univ VA
* Clarion Univ PA
* Creighton Univ NE
* Florida State Univ FL
* Fordham Univ NY
* Manvel High School TX
* Michigan State Univ MI
* Northern Arizona Univ AZ
* Old Dominion Univ VA
* Pepperdine Univ CA
* Principia College IL
* Purdue Univ IN
* Rockhurst Univ MO
* Saint Bonaventure Univ NY
* Saint John’s University, MN
* Santa Fe College FL
* Scottsdale Christian Academy AZ
* Southeastern Univ FL
* Swarthmore College PA
* Texas A & M Univ TX
* Tulane Univ LA
* Univ of California Berkeley CA
* Univ of California Merced CA
* Univ of California San Diego CA
* Univ of Florida FL
* Univ of Missouri Columbia MO
* Univ of Nebraska Lincoln NE
* Univ of New Mexico NM
* Univ of Nevada Reno NV
* Univ of Oregon OR
* Univ of Texas Arlington TX
* Univ of Texas Austin TX
* Univ of Wisconsin Eau Claire WI
* Univ of Wisconsin Milwaukee WI
* Utah State Univ UT
* William Jessup Univ CA

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